Bye Bye Boss, Hello Friend

This is love-hate emotion kind of thing right now.

My boss Jess, sits me in down in her office and she tells me she has to speak to me. Gulp. Wait a minute, have I fucked up at work recently?

My boss is the coolest, she fits into her mother hen role and is quite the tough cookie, but she’s also the sweetest and most giggliest. She tells me she has been offered a promotion, and I’m super excited for her, then she continues and I quickly learn that she’s going to be in a different location.

I look at her with a blank stare….silence.


Work days won’t be the same. Who else am I supposed to goof off with and talk about boys to?

Ugh, this is so frustrating. How selfish am I?

I tell her I’m so proud of her, especially because this is the position she’s been working so hard to get at. I know we won’t lose touch. I wish her nothing but the best on her future endeavors, I might have lost a boss, but I know I’ve gained a friend.

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