Never Made Its 19

It’s been a little while since I have posted a “Never Made its”. those are usually the random pictures that never make it to a post of their own. Usually it’s a lot of selfies, or things I happen to just snap away while on my phone. Check out Number 19. I started numbering these babies, since I noticed I had so many of them.

Chris’s birthday recently just passed, and I had a couple of surprises to make his day special. Especially since this is the first one we celebrate together.

In case you haven’t noticed I messed with my hair again. I went a little lighter and actually chopped most of it off. And yes, i did it myself.

I found a Trader Joe’s near my job, so rest assured I’ll be spending most of my money in there. that’s where I bumped into those beautiful flowers,and sadly enough, I didn’t find the wine section šŸ˜¦

I’ll see you guys soon!

oh, andĀ I find myself using snapchat on a daily basis lately, so feel free to follow me —-> minxinx

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