Pillow Fight 2015

Today was a bit crazy at work. I mean, I’ve had worse, but i told myself I wasn’t going to get distracted. I had a To-Do list I wanted to finish and I was motivated.
I’m in the vault today, which usually means I’m in a safe handling money all day by myself. I start blasting some hip hpo and get to counting, paperwork all in order.Beautiful, the past couple of days the other girls have been short by like a hundred bucks or so, I came out perfectly even. I love it when that happens. me being even that is.
I open the vault as necessary to give out some banks that managers pick up and silly me let the door close behind me. Ugh, just great. The huge sign right in front of the door that reads “please put keys around your neck” is just mocking me.
I call Loss Prevention, praying that they have an extra set of keys, I mean they’re supposed to. But it takes an hour for me to actually get someone to open the door. He’s a sweetheart, and I’ve noticed he usually comes to my rescue without giving me a stank eye.Luckily enough for me, almost 90% of my work was done, so once I got inside, I just finished off what I was doing and headed off to go work in the office. I told myself I would leave on time today, but that’s never really the case.My purse is all big and bloated because I stuffed a pillow inside of it. I’m on my way to meet Jess for the annual NYC Pillow Fight . She’s never been and it didn’t take long for her to  say she wanted to come with me.

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