Because Now He’s Twenty-Seven

Party Prepping:

It’s time for the big day, at least his big day. His birthday was spent running errands, but I made sure I had a little surprise for him waiting. wink wink. Now that it’s the weekend, we’re all running around like chickens with our heads cut off, doing last minute prepping for the party.

Ashley stayed up all night making potato salad and seasoning ribs. Frankie painted the whole house pretty. Chris had been running around going back and forth to different supermarkets at his momma’s request. And when we actually got there, Chris and I made sure to have a little fun and started racing each other while going through the aisles.

I was asked to make my baked ziti, which I’ll get started as soon as I get to his house, but right now I got out of work, I have to pick up a few supplies for this beer “cake” I’m making. I also have to stop by a bakery to buy an actual cake to surprise Ramon and Jose. Ramon’s birthday is the day after Chris’s and Jose’s a few days after. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include them in the festivities.

Initially I wanted to throw Chris a pig roast, get the pit, the whole pig, since I know he wanted to cook it himself, but boy are those things a hassle. Millie and I tried convincing him into a getting a pig that was already cooked and just ready to eat.He refused. After finally breaking him down, Millie (his momma) found the perfect place to make it, seasoned  like latinos like it, apple in the mouth and delivered right to your door. What a bunch of weight lifted off of our shoulder. Whew!

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