Easter 2015

I’ll be completely honest with you, my day started off in a great mood, got shitty, and then got better.

I woke up and threw on a pretty dress, my hair was everywhere and I didn’t mind. I’ve been embracing my curls and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s a lot to maintain, so I get tired of it being it so high maintenance.

I woke up in an empty bed because someone decided to go sleepover upstate, so instead of putting on a pout, I embraced the time. I really wanted to spend some time with my little brother Jeremy. I called my sister Julissa, I knew she was at my dad’s house so I was so excited to see her. She wasn’t staying for long since she had to go pick up her mom and head to Yonkers to her sister’s. (We’re a big confusing family, I know!) I was just glad I got to see her, even if it was just for a little bit, we gave each other huge hugs and I walked in to see my little brother.I enter, and greet everyone in the house. My parent’s have some friends from church over which I have met maybe like 3 times, tops. I go into Jeremy’s room and we immediately start catching up on life. Jeremy is my world. I tell this little boy everything. I say little boy, but I forget how old he’s getting. This year he’ll be turning 15 and I don’t think I can handle all that puberty.

if you’ve been following me for a while, you would know my mother and I don’t have the best of relationships. We are both two strong women and many times,  more than needed, we tend to clash. This April makes 3 years that my mother and have not spoken, the longest time we have not spoken. I’ll admit, it hurts, she’s my mother after all.

I feel I have more of a realistic approach to things, since I feel we should both take responsibility for what has gone wrong in our past, instead of playing the blame game. To each their own right?

While there my mood was just instantly turned around since i felt like was being put in a hot chair while everyone stared at me. I gave my brother a kiss and decided to split. A few minutes later I call to apologize to my little brother, because I never want him to feel like he’s stuck in the middle of things. i asked if he wanted to spend the day with me, and of course he was more than willing.

And you now what, some may say that I shouldn’t be spreading my dirty laundry on here, but so be it. If people wanted me to write nice about them, then they should behave better.

I headed back and  my mood went from pitch black to bright as day. Chris was exhausted, but I was just glad he was home, and even better, I was excited that his aunt Madeline, had cooked us a grand feast.

Omg, that ham!

Don’t get me wrong, everything was good, the turkey, the chicken, the rice, the potato salad, mac and cheese all great. But that ham…. I wish I had some right now. Yum!

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