Influenster: YSL Mascara Review has blessed me with their exclusive full size product for this giveaway, so when I saw that Oli also had one, I immediately jumped at the chance of us doing our review together. See, influenster is known for giving away goods for free as long as you share your experiences with your social media. (see my last goods HERE). All you have to do is sign up, take a survey and if they see that you’re fit for the brand, they’ll send it to you by mail, super easy.

Yves Saint Laurent is an infamous brand that most of us wish we could afford, let’s be honest, and knowing myself, I like to buy myself pretty little things. I’m not much of a sucker when it comes to name brands, i feel many things are over priced all because of a name stitched on merchandise. 

Quality is a big thing, that I can understand spending more for, but a name, never.

Oli and I met up at a little cute cafe on West 8th by the name of Stumptown.

I’ll be upfront with you guys, I was going to do a video from the comfort of Chris’s home (he has a huge window that let’s the natural light in, love it!) so I kept the box there, and since I always carry a makeup bag, I never even touched it, that is until my own mascara ran out, and then I remembered I had this pretty gold tube of mascara that was given to me for free and I got all giddy with joy.

i’m more of an eyeliner girl than anything, if I wear mascara it’s because I know I’m going somewhere special. Mostly because the next day it’s such a hassle to remove but ever since I started wearing YSL’s mascara, I’ve been putting it on almost every other day, the black is nice and strong, and the removal at night is easy (if I even remember to take my makeup off).

I noticed this particular mascara comes in other colors, like blue and purple, so I might just be splurging on those soon. We’ll see.

After our little cafe catchup, we headed to a burger joint by the name of Burger Joint, pretty obvious huh? Our diets flew right out the window, we were greeted by a gold zebra rocking a burger hat, too cute! While we ordered a cheeseburger with fries and strawberry milkshake, I went for the bacon cheeseburger and a vanilla shake.

These burgers were sloppy and pretty good, I wish they were bigger.

Product Page: Yves Saint Laurent MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS

Facebook: Yves Saint Laurent Beauty USA

Twitter: @Love_YSL_PRGirl


DISCLOSURE: I have received these products complimentary to test and/or review. 
I am not being compensated for my opinions, all opinions are 100% all mine.

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