Because New Tattoo

When I was younger my mother had many rules, one of them was ” no piercings or tattoos under my roof”. When I first got kicked out from home, I got my first piercing, a lip ring. She found out about it, and couldn’t really say much since I was no longer under her roof, as her rule had claimed. When I came back home, I would get jokingly threats about how she was going to tear off with pliers one day.

The next time I got kicked out, I got my first tattoo. The words “eyelash wishes” on my left shoulder. It didn’t settle right, but she understood that maybe I just needed one to know what it would feel like. That is, until I got my second one. A matching one that read “serendipity” on my right shoulder. I explained that they were meant to match, together, its symmetry. She let it go, surprisingly. Then more followed and let’s just say i was more happy than she was.

Now at my older age, i have only grown to love more art on my body than I ever thought at 18 when I first started being alternative. So here is my newest piece which is currently being worked one. Matthew blessed me with an anatomical heart, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I still need to fill it in and that will come in latter. My sleeve is currently under construction and I’m prepared to finish all of my plans with it.

See you guys soon, and oooooh, make sure to follow Matthew on Instagram!

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