Music Was The Case: Success Sunday Showcase

It was a last minute invite from Chris’s steppop’s Frankie, tonight we were headed to a showcase. I was camera ready like always and had no idea what was expected of this night. Music Was The Case was absolutely wonderful. It brought together all different kind of artists, poets, singers, comedians, steppers, rappers. It was a collaboration of talent.

Lil Mama was also in the house, and she was busting some moves on the dance floor.

The first act were the steppers, and it just reminded me when I used to step in Junior Highschool, I loved performing. It’s been so long. I recognized one of the comedians but couldn’t place his face until he finally stepped on stage, and then it was an instant “ooooooh!”. He killed it, especially since I could relate to all the cracks about Dominicans.

All the acts were great and I’m giving you the chance to catch a glance at the night. Check out the video below.

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