Wine Bar & Pianos for the Birthday Girl

I started my day at work…but guess what…

I am officially 26…. I’m getting sooooo old!

ok, ok…I’ll save the cliche birthday mantras for another time. Chris spolied me with a night planned with my favorite things, great people, wine and dancing… what else could a girl ask for?

Reservations were at 9:30pm and we made it right at time… speed demon to the rescue. Since I was basking in the whole wine vibe, I was going to pick something from Italy, but when looking over the menu, all of us went crazy for the Spanish wines. Ramon and Chris ordered a bottle of Merlot, while I went with one that I don’t remember, but I distinctly remember asking the waitress for something not too fruity or to dry. That’s when she mentioned a wine medium bodied which was absolutely delicious.

Cintia and Tati went with dessert wine, Moscato, and when Vanessa and Manny arrived, she chose a Pinot Noir from France that was delicious. I actually made the mistake of mixing The Pinot Noir with the moscato and it was pretty damn good!
After all the picking on food, drinking I was ready to start dancing, and even though I was in the mood for some spanish dancing, I couldn’t be too picky since it was a last minute decision. I’m down for anything with a beat.

We headed to the LES and arrived at Pianos. That’s when the real drinks started pouring.

I’m so grateful I got to spend my night with a group of great friends.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful night, and thank you Chris for all that you do, you’re appreciated!