Big Kids at New Rochelle

I would bicker and fight with my brother Kiki when we were younger, it was like war in our house. One day we would love each other and spill so many secrets, the next day we were enemies, beating each other up. I guess that’s what siblings are for. Now that we’re older (and don’t live together anymore) we have grown much closer, or should I say, more fond of each other, and way more respect towards the other.

There is no greater love that I have than my little brothers (and sister). While doing nothing and waiting for Chris to get home, Kiki hit me up telling me he was a block away, he wanted to take me out for my birthday, how lucky am I?

I have never been to Buffalo Wild Wings before (I know, don’t laugh) so when he told me he was waiting for me downstairs, Chris had made it right on time to join in on the fun. I’ve known Chris since I was about 13 years old, since we all went to junior high school together, and watching him and my brother catch up after all these years was just ….(whispers) great.We arrived at New Rochelle, grabbed our seats and looked over the menu. Kiki brung along long time friend Checa and others with him, and they already knew what they were ordering since apparently they come here all the time!

I love ordering the restaurant’s specialties when dining somewhere, and I really wanted to taste their wings, but I was craving a burger and mozzarella sticks like nobody’s business. Don’t worry, I stole a wing from Chris’s plate. hahaha.
We walked up to the arcade, where I used to spend so much time in when I was a teenager, like usual, I always run to the air hockey table first. Checa and Kiki were already playing. Chris and I went against each other… and since I  was a little bothered by a comment he made earlier, know that all of my shots were aggressive.. and on point. That doesn’t mean I’m going to let one one little thing ruin my whole day, I get over things pretty quickly. Especially when I kick ass.

We decided to spice things up and went to one of the larger tables. This time we were going to play 2 on 2. Chris and Checa against me and Chris…. left handed, with our right hand behind our backs. It was way more difficult than expected, especially since we’re all righty’s. I was more on defense mode, while Chris kept making the shots, good team work, and yes we won!

Downstairs were the go carts, and I secretly wish they were bumper cars, because I just wanted to crash into everybody. I am no driver, Chris drives pretty damn well, and my brother Kiki is all into racing. Checa was just like me… us, drive?  I think we pretty damn good for 2 girls with no driver’s license.

Kiki kept saying he won, but what was he really winning, when there was no race and the track was just a big loop… and if that’s the case (cough cough) I won, because I was ahead of them most of the time. lol He’s not going to like that I said that.

The night was still young and we didn’t really feel like going home, at least not to sleep yet. Chris invited everyone back to his place, for more beers and when we got there, the Uno cards came out. We were cracking and just messing the other person up at any cost. Then that’s when the Nerf guns came out. I was already feeling pretty sleepy since I had to get to work at 8am the next morning, so I watched as everyone ran around the house and “killed” each other.

Nights like these is when things feel the absolute best. Good food, and amazing people… especially when they all act like big kids. Who says that just because you’re in your twenties you have to be an adult?

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