Santo Domingo: Day 5: Drunken Basketball & Dumplings

The day was young, the bottles were full, and this was technically our last night on vacation, or at least we thought. All the cousins came over to abuela’s house for a last hoorah. We started drinking early, and the guys started playing basketball. They were actually pretty good….while sober. The music was blasting, the little kids were running around everywhere with their little trikes, and I was off in baby land with the women. My cousin Coral recently gave birth, and with a new baby in the mix, she was being passed around left and right.

The men started off with drinking games, whoever made the shot from the farthest spot was safe, if you missed, you guessed had to take a shot. Chris apparently made shots when he considered them “practice”, and when it came down to making the bucket, he was drinking along with the rest of them.

It didn’t take long for me to join in on the fun, even though I wasn’t willing to take shots (we had an early flight to catch in the morning) I was still drinking. Whatever started off as innocent basketball, wasn’t anymore. The adults were drunk and teams suddenly turned into “every man for himself”.

We were all jumping on top of each other, shoving, tackling trying to make a shot… don’t even ask if we kept score, it was a mess!

My cousin Ernesto was off in the kitchen making all of us dinner. His infamous dumplings. (See last year’s dumplings HERE) They were delicious, and I’ll admit, I had 2 servings.After almost everyone was calling it a night, my cousins Franklyn and Cesar weren’t. We hopped in the car (don’t drink and drive…hypocritically writing) and drove to nowhere for about 2 hours with the music blasting and a new bottle ready to crack open. Chris was in another world and started blurring out sober thoughts that he would never speak. (And until this day, still doesn’t know what he said, because I won’t tell him. hahhaha… Just know that with all the struggle this man put me through, I finally got some kind of feedback from the kid) Anyway, we walked into one of Christopher Columbus’s castles, or should I say, wobbled through, or should I say he did. Once I know someone is far off more drunk than I am, I sober really quick and go in to maternal mode. Ugh, women.

Yes, we made it home safe, now to get ready for a flight back home.

Which we found out was cancelled for no apparent reason, and rescheduled to a much later time.

Oh boy.