March 2015 Desirables

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Guys, I’m almost 26, March is my birthday month, you know every month I usually put up a list of things I wish would appear in my closet. This time, I wanted to give an idea instead of actual pieces, even though I still wouldn’t mind being adorned with all of these beauties.

Now that I’m getting a little bit older, everything I’ve been drawn to lately has been simple, comfy and sometimes delicate. I have a rocker personality at heart and will always be drawn to black..hello, I’m a New Yorker! Sometimes you just need light things to balance you out.

I want to be able to be comfortable in all that I wear, I’m so done with trying to look either too sexy, too bad ass, too cute… it’s exhausting. I want to look flawless in a way where it looks like I didn’t try to hard to look that way. Very easy going. I feel like I need to revamp my whole closet, and I’m sure that will all happen in due time. Right now I want to feel “airy” if that makes any sense at all. Think calm breezes at peaces, no anger no burdens, just aaaaaah.

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