Train Trolling

It’s 11pm. I enter the train with my phone in hand. I’ve been organizing my calendar to my better liking. I swear I’m ocd when it comes to color coding. I stand by the door, leaning on it is a guy, late twenties, early thirties, looks Philipino, not bad on the eyes, but not smitten either. He strikes up a conversation, asks me if I’m in retail. I look up confused, and answer, yes, why do you ask?

“Your nails, (which were neon green) they match your scarf”

Huh, I guess they do, I didn’t really plan that. I look back down to my phone, he continues to speak, guess he wasn’t done. He starts asking me where in retail, I’m corporate. He proceeds to ask me where again. Politely, I  mention I rather not say. He continues to ask me where I live, If I like my job.   At this point I didn’t even know if he was going to start selling me something, or wanted me to sign up for a pyramid scheme.

He tells me he was in the military and is in banking now, and I’m just nodding my head. You would think this conversation was long, in reality it only lasted about 3 minutes. The most awkward 3 minutes I wish I didn’t have to entertain.

He was pretty persistent, and after repeatedly asking me the  same questions about 4 times, all which were personal and I declined to answer, he says “would it make you feel better if I told you about myself?

I give no answer. He continues to talk about himself, mentions the military again, mentions the borough he live sin, and again, I’m just nodding my head, while I say “good, that’s nice” Then he goes, ok, now tell me about you.

I look at him with a raise of an eyebrow, “no”.

He says “what, you think I’m going to stalk you? I won’t I promise” all with a funny sounding chuckle.

“Ok, that’s the end of this conversation, I’m getting annoyed.” I say, yet still polite. he looks confused. Apologizes, because apparently that wasn’t his intention. He takes a deep breath, and compliments my face. Then decides to ask for my number.

I say thank you, I’m flattered (even though I really wasn’t) but I’m not interested. Finally, he says “ok, no problem” and in the next stop, he’s gone. What a sense of relief.

I don’t understand how he thought being that intense was going to get someone to willingly give information about themselves. Standing in front of him made uncomfortable in ways I never wish to experience again. I was polite because I tend to have a lot of patience with people, but a huge part of me wanted to curse him out, but what good would that have done?

Ladies, be safe out there. You can say no.

(image is from the movie : Midnight Meat Train, not of the actual creep that was bugging me)