Friends Binging

Lazy days…aren’t they the best? You get to strut around at home, dancing ridiculous in the mirror, stuffing your face with countless amount of food, and in my case, Binge on a Netflix spree.
Ever since I found out the whole entire series of “Friends” was going to be added on to Netflix, screeching for excitement is an understatement. I’ve grown up watching the shows, and catching the random re-runs at night. Nothing will ever compare to watching everything in order, and better yet.. there’s nothing better than actually understanding all the hidden jokes when you’re older, and have a dirtier mind that knows what they are talking about.
I’ve had my obsession for about 3 weeks now and I’m already onto season 6, even though I have bumped into many episodes that I have seen many times, it doesn’t take away from the silliness of the characters and my ability to laugh at them.
When I was younger, Phoebe and Joey were always my favorite, because I felt they had the roles that were unusual, since they were the “classclowns” of the bunch, now that I’m older Monica and Chandler is where it’s at.
Their relationship is EVERYTHING, I want it so bad!

Monica’s ocd is hilarious, and the way Chandler has grown so much from the first episode, drastic!

How sad is it that the more you invest in a show, any show, the more you feel like you’re part of the family?

I have 4 more seasons to go… (clap clap clap clap clap clap)

Here are a few of gifs to make you giggle, see you guys soon!