Elijah Turns 6

So many cousins, so many babies, so many birthdays, so much cake.

My cousin Ciara’s baby boy Elijah turned 6, and he’s such a cutie.

I was running a bit late, and I was kicking myself in the ass for it.  Luckily for me, I was one bus ride away that took forever to get to me,  but once on, I arrived pretty damn  quickly, thank goodness. I was so happy to see all of my primas, almost all of them had taken a vacation to Dominican Republic for the holidays, to go visit some more family. So I can in with bags of presents ready to give out that never made it to their possession from Christmas.

Ciara had the cutest desserts set up for everyone to devour,  my favorite was a white chocolate strawberry that was covered in sugar. I was a good girl though and only had one…but I wasn’t too good, because I had like 3 slices of pizza to match.

Almost all of cousins have babies, and it’s just 2 of us now, baby less… or at least I thought… my cousin Janneice is pregnant and I couldn’t be more excited for her and husband. That’s when the girls started to pick on me, saying I was the last one left… hey, by the time I have mine, all of theirs will be grown and babysitting my kid. haha

Hey with all these kids around me, I don’t need to be popping anything out just quite yet.

I kept busy throughout the night chasing the kiddies around and capturing some random moments. These kids are hilarious. Let me let you guys scroll these pics, I’ll be back soon, especially since I had to go meet Tanya right after this kiddie fest.

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