Blockheads & A View

Hey guys!

So check it, I had dinner with one of my awesome friends who I barely get to see and this won’t be the last time you guys see him. Can you guys believe I have never been to Blockheads before? I know I know, it’s like soooo over rated ….oh well, too bad!

I had their raspberry margarita..ok, it wasn’t just one, while Randy ordered something called a “bulldog” with Patron that was awesome!

I ordered chicken quesadillas that were hella-bomb!
After laughing up a storm, and stuffing our faces, ok face..since someone didn’t touch his food..(cough cough..Randy) we decided to go for a walk and roamed into one of Randy’s  favorite spots with a beautiful view.

This rooftop spot was super cold, luckily for us they provided us with snuggies, and before settling down in our spots to catch up we grabbed some more drinks and soaked up both the liquor and the gorgeous view of the Empire State Building. You know that scene in Bruce Almighty, where he drags the moon closer and it looks really big…Thats how that building looked to me. Sweet!
That cold was getting to me and we headed downstairs for a warmer seat… check out the quick video of our night, Bye Guys!


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