Early Bird

Ugh, guys, I’m so sorry. Feels like I haven’t been here in a while, and even though I am, I feel like it’s nothing exciting enough to rant about. Since the holidays are over, it’s back to the same old routine, or at least my new routine.  I started off seasonal at work and I’ve just recently been put on permanent . Which is soooo exciting and horrible all at the same time. I’m grateful for having a reason to get up in the mornings, and of course a stable paycheck. But then the negative side hits, like I barely have fun anymore, don’t have time for it. Constant bills back and forth. Is this what an adult feels like? Because I have a receipt, I want a return!I actually got to work way earlier than usual, which neeeever happens. I’m usually running and tackling people in the street. Get upset when the train conductors announce train delays, but it’s all my fault. It always is. I could’ve prepared my clothes the day before, or done something more efficiently that didn’t require me taking more laps around my apartment. But no.  I don’t do that. This time I got to work a whole 30 minutes earlier, so I took advantage and decided to close my eyes, laid down on the sofa in the employees lounge.I love this picture of my coworker Damaris and I, it looks like I’m visiting her in prison! hahaha

She’s actually just in the vault, a huge safe where we keep all the monies…(uuummm..can I live in there?)

Well.. enough babbling, shift is starting. I miss you guys, and I’ll be back soon, with hopefully some awesome stories and even better artwork. Right now I’m working on a commission project for some cutie pie’s header for her blog. I hope it turns out super adorable!

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