Influenster Frosty VoxBox

Hi guys, omg..omg..omg… I don’t even know where to begin.

1. It’s pretty obvious this is the first video where I talk directly into the camera..PRESSURE! How do all of these vloggers do it? I’ve been meaning to get into vlogging, but my video editing skills are super sloppy,  so I’m slowly teaching myself. In the meantime, this is going to have to do. This was shot straight though. No cuts. YIKES!.

2.Influenster sends you complimentary different samples from various companies for testing purposes. So, you don’t get paid for your opinions. You just honestly review the items that were sent out to you. Anyone can sign up, you randomly take surveys that let them know if they want you to receive certain packages or not. It appears I qualified for this batch.

Moving on…

It’s obvious I liked the cosmetics portions of the box. The NYC lipstick (color: sugar plum) will be used even though I’m more of a matte lipstick kind of person. I have never been much of a sheen girl. The Red Vines (candy) tasted good, and I used past tense because I devoured the whole pack after I finished recording. They tasted like twizzlers. Apparently I don’t know how to pronounce “thyme”, since it’s pronounced like “time”, but what latina really uses that kind of spices anyway? I might just end up giving it away to someone who would use it better than I would, even though I can say I did like the packaging that McCormick Gourmet had.

I loooooved how intense the pigment is on the Rimmel waterproof eyeliner, but the Rimmel eyemakeup remover which is supposed to remove waterproof makeup totally sucks. I tried to remove the swatch on my arm from the eyeliner, and nothing. But I guess that means that eyeliner gets some bonus points then. The EcoTools hair brush looks like a really good sturdy brush, but I doubt I would get use of a roundbrush anytime soon.

Well, enough about that… I ‘ve actually had this box sitting on my desk for a little time now and just never had the time to actually do anything about it. I came home from work and popped Friends on Netflix, when I realized.. let me do something productive instead….and then when I was done, of course I pressed “play”. haha

See you guys later!

kiss kiss, Minx

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