Walking Down The Mountain

Part 2. A continuation of a long ass day, with many bruises to remind me of my struggles. I was peer pressured into renting a snowboard since everyone was getting one. I didn’t want to be the only dork with skis. Not that it mattered  anyway, I have never been snowboarding or skiing, so this was going to be a first regardless. This was also going to be Jeremy’s (baby brother) first time, so I was excited to finally see him have some fun. I swear that boy never goes out anywhere but just play his xbox all day. (I hate that)

While at the rental shop the guy behind the counter asks me if I’m regular or goofy foot, and even though I have never rode before, I already knew the slang… I do  have a godson with a skateboard. I go regular, practicing the placement of my feet to make sure I was right.

We finally arrive at the mountain, Hunter Mountain to be exact. It’s way colder all the way up here than what it was when I first woke up and stepped foot into the car. Oh boy. The mountain looked beautiful in all it’s white glory, I see the trails showing off, wanting some attention. First steps on the snow, Chris helps me attach my feet to the boot. It feels weird, and I say it. Maybe my footing is wrong, maybe I should have gotten “goofy” foot instead of regular. Chris sits on the snow and changes the footing for me, since he saw the guy manually fixing it, he pretty much had an idea of how to fix it. I was grateful, and soon as  he was done and I tried the footing again, my footing felt worse than before.

Oh my goodness, I felt sooooo bad!

Not only was everyone waiting on me to finally start riding, I felt like I was bothering Chris with my constant need of snowboarding virginities. hahahaha… I guess that’s one way to phrase it.
After Chris adjust my board, AGAIN…sorry.. it was time to head to the lift. Everyone else seemed like they had a pretty easy time just walking with one foot attached to the board. I’m over here struggling with my balance, hoping I get the hang of things quickly.

Boy was I wrong.

On to the lift, we were only going on the baby slope. They have them all keyed in colors. Green was easy, baby blue was medium, One black  was hard, 2 black ♦♦ were difficult. We started off in the baby blues, figured it wouldn’t be that much of a challenge to start off with, according to Chris and Phil. Or so they said.

The lift was pretty scary for me, it’s not that I’m afraid of heights, it’s the way I’m handled while up there. Let me explain. Roller coasters are easy, you have all these contraptions holding you down, assuring your safety, ferris wheels, can’t stand them…. there’s almost nothing tying you in place and the cart is always wiggling around. I don’t like that one bit. So when it came to the lifts, I was petrified. There was a bar that intended  to keep you safe, but you could manually just move it up or down whenever you wanted. Ew, I don’t want that. My foot was dangling with the board and I’m just trying not to focus on looking down. You know I ended up looking down.

As soon as the lift  was getting close to stopping for drop off, I felt like it all happened way too fast. Jeremy was ready to jump, and I swear Chris was already gone by the time I turned around. As soon as I saw land… I crashed right into it….Face first. Ouch!
After struggling to get up for the longest time, Chris was trying his best to be patient, and kept biting his tongue. I on the other hand was getting frustrated and even though I was grateful for him helping so much, I felt bad that I was ruining his good time. I kept insisting he go down the slope and enjoy himself, I’ll catch up..in due time. He refused. And when he wasn’t looking I scurried away so he would have no choice but to leave and have some fun.

I kept trying to “pop up” and instead I kept “plopping down”. I was as frustrated and aggy as I could get. But I wasn’t trying to ruin my day just because I couldn’t get how to do this.

I decide to take a break from my struggle, and started to snowboard my bootleg Minx way. I sat down on the board and guided the board with my body. Body surfing at it’s finest. I was going full speed and started to have fun right away.

At one point, the  board got away from me, and I ended up having to chase it down the mountain. It just wasn’t stopping, I’m running after it and screamed for Phil, “Phil, get my board please!” He screams back “I got it!” He snowboards down the hill, with no struggle, I didn’t see him fall down once.

I make it all the way to the bottom and find my board chilling in some bushes, while Phil was asking other riders if they happened to see a board surfing by itself.
The guys circled back twice, while Nikki, Pia and I were having “technical difficulties” at our first run. Nikki was having a harder time than I was, so at least I wasn’t alone. But she kept at it, slowly but surely. Pia kept falling as well, and wouldn’t give up. There was some moments when she was doing pretty damn good. Damn, I was jealous… I want to be up on that board!

After the boys circled the Blue slope twice and the girls finally caught up with each other at the bottom, I finally bumped into my brother. I lost him as soon as my face slammed onto that snow. He told me he fell pretty hard and his tail bone was hurting. He said he was done and just wanted to hang out in the lobby for the rest of the day. I looked at him like “Hell No”.

I get your discouraged, but you’re already  here, try to have some fun!

We’ll take a break for a little bit, go get some food and then start all over again, and that’s just what we did.
After lunch the guys insisted on us hitting the Black ♦ hill… and when I say hill, that’s making it sound tiny. (Straight face) It wasn’t.

This lift was scarier than the first one, higher, sloppier and not steady at all. I was squirming and on the verge of having a mini anxiety attack. Yet, everyone was cracking up and taking pics and videos of me almost crying. Omg, scaaaaaary.

It was dark, colder, snow blowing in your face and it didn’t help that I had a few beers in my system from lunch. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. If I couldn’t even stay up sober, what the hell made me think I could do this intoxicated?


I was persistent in trying though, I’ll tell you that. I put on my boots and continued to attempt to stand… again, and again, and again.. I think you get the point.

One of the staff members explained that ♦ slope was closing, at least it’s entrance was. So we had to start at the ♦♦ and switch slopes in the middle, since they connected somehow.

I started walking down….

to be continued.

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