Walking Down The Mountain (Continued)

So I kind of left you guys on a cliff hanger from my last post (see that HERE) but no worries, I’m back to finish… and this time with a video to match. Now I wish I could have captured more moments of everyone surfing, but let’s be quite honest, I was a little too busy forming new bruises on my ass.

Let’s continue where I left off in my last post….

I just finished sipping on some beers, we were all on the biggest mountain, it’s dark, it’s cold, I can’t even buckle my boots on to the board. Getting a visual yet?It’s windy as hell, I’m about to head down the tallest mountain, and as much as I keep trying to buckle on my shoes, it’s just not working.  After the struggling, and Chris being more than patient, I insisted on just walking down the mountain. There was no way in my state, that I was going to make it down. As much as I hate quitting, it wasn’t worth risking my life for a temporary thrill. Reality hit me, and a drunken mess shouldn’t be 4,040 feet high up trying to survive. Chris was worried, and he insists on me not doing that, It’s not like I have a choice, the lift wasn’t much of an option, and me boarding down was out of the question. Again, he tells me not to do it.

When do I ever listen to anybody?

Must be an aries thing, stubborn as ever.

When he wasn’t looking I escaped and walked away, not walking straight, but I walked anyway.You know in the movies when someone is stranded in the dessert, and you feel like you have the ultimate destination in mind, but yet the end never seem near? You can’t even see the finish line, you just see landscape going on and on and on.. that’s how I felt, except, there wasn’t much of a heat stroke going on in my side of the woods. I’m stumbling and tripping over hills of snow, riders are passing me in a ridiculous speed. I’m trying not to tilt over to a side, trying not to get hit by the surfers, I’m freezing, and I did it all while carrying my board.

After a little while of hiking down, one of the staff members scare me, I didn’t even know she was next to me, she’s in ski’s and asks me if I’m ok. I tell her yes, and keep my answer to a minimum. She asks me what I’m doing… isn’t it obvious? I’m walking down this freaking mountain!

She informs me that walking down the mountain is actually way more dangerous than boarding. I look at her like “bitch what!?’

Now, I know it’s not her fault for anything, and she’s being super friendly, but I’m cranky at this point, and just wish I could teleport to the bottom.

I didn’t even see any of the guys or girls pass me, and I was paying attention.

The staff tells me to be really careful, I nod my head and continue on my journey.
Next thing I know, I see a random surfer bust his ass in front me. It looked like he was trying to stop but had no control, I quickly realized it was my little brother Jeremy.

Oh boy, he was so frustrated, tells me he can’t wait to go home, and asking me ” where the hell did you go? Chris is worried about you”.

Eh, he’ll be alright, right now I’m trying to get to the bottom, and that’s my mission.

Jeremy and I start body surfing down the mountain for the parts that seemed extremely steep. There was some moments where I was laying stomach down, surfing with no board, trying to guide my body and control the board in front of me as if it was a steering wheel. It worked for a few, but these mountains were no joke and after a few seconds it was full speed ahead and I would lose control. That’s when Jeremy had the bright idea of just sliding down with no board, so we did just that. Our butts just sliding down, My poor ass, literally… I was going to feel that in the morning.

It took us about an hour and half to make it all the way down the mountain, there was some moments where Jeremy wanted to quit, but I just kept reminding him that we were going to do this. Even if we didn’t make it all the way down the conventional way, we weren’t quitters and these are just struggles that make stories, and are usually the best ones. That got him to wake up a little bit.

On our last slide down we see Phil and Chris waiting at the bottom. I don’t think I ever seen Jeremy as relived as I saw him then…. he started running for joy knowing that he was done. I on the other hand, just ran to Chris and was just glad that I could say ” I did this”.

Chris is busy asking me questions about which way I went, when we both realized that I took the highest mountain down, instead of switching to the medium down the middle. At that point my face was priceless, but there was nothing I could do about it now. It was done, it was all over.

A staff member notices all of waiting at the finish line, and asks if we are waiting for friends. We answer “yes”, he says “2 girls?”, “yes” again…. Pia an Nicole were still missing, and as soon as they got back to us, our group would be complete. I was surprised Jeremy and I beat them down in the first place. The staff member tells us, they got stuck and a sled was on their way to pick them up.

We all started cracking up laughing!

Check out the video below:

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