Strolling to a Stream

Consider this part 1. Since there’s so much to show, say and do.

We, Chris, my little brother Jeremy and I were headed on an adventure. Pia, Phil and Nicole were in the other car, so we’ll catch up with them later. We’re on our way to Hunter Mountain, a two hour drive that started at 6:30am. I shouldn’t be complaining, about the time, since the original plans were to leave an hour early. Getting up is just so difficult, when you’re all cuddled up toasty in bed.

Since Chris was driving extremely fast, he figured we were way ahead than the other car, so when were close enough, we decided to park the car and go for a quick stroll.
A little crazy that we decided to do this on the highway, at the cliff of a mountain, but we did it anyway. There was such a beautiful stream, that led to a river that I just couldn’t pass up on exploring a bit more.
Kaaterskill Falls, had markings for hikers, so it was pretty obvious we weren’t the only ones who tried to fulfill this task.

Chris noticed, someone actually climbed to the top of the waterfall and stacked rocks on top, it was pretty damn cute… especially since I was squinting most of the time, and only caught it once we were walking away.

I ended up having to raise my voice at my brother, something I hate to do since I feel like he’s old enough at 14 to know right from wrong. But we were on the side of the highway, and while Chris and I are being careful leaning away from cars, he’s being careless and walking like a free spirit. The last thing I need is him getting hurt. So I’m sorry for yelling, but I’m not really sorry. Safety comes first.

I was starting to feel the cold weather, and I was getting antsy to finally arrive at the mountain, I’m sooooo nervous, but let me let you guys go, I have some snow to meet!

kiss kiss

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