Nikki Baby, Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Nikki!

Nikki baby is officially a quarter century old. Someone is getting old! The plans were to meet up at The Village Underground, but when Chris and I arrived it seemed to be a comedy club instead. So confusion was all over our faces, especially since we were the first ones to arrive, and that never happens.

We walked into Fat Black Cat, some bar, lounge type of place that was packed. There was a pool table in the back, and another connecting room which gave us better space for our bigger group once everyone slowly started to arrive. Our first waitress was a bit bitchy, because instead of informing us that we would h ave to order something, we got kicked out a “reserved” table. Something we later found out that didn’t even matter, as long as you were ordering something, anything. Que bruta. (what a dumb fool)

Our table was filled with drinks, chicken wings, fries, mozzarella sticks (yum!) and even though everything was great, I was ready to get moving, I didn’t want to sit down all night, I wanted to move… hell, I wanted to dance.

The birthday girl was ready to shake her stuff too, we ended up walking a few blocks to some spot, that I’ve never heard of, never got the name, and would probably never go to again. The music was dope, but I felt like I was in a teen bash. The girls looked young, while the men looked old. Creepy.
My cousin Frankie is in town, and had to tell him to come through and grab a few drinks with me. He and Chris were buying each other drinks the whole night.Chris would disappear, come back with beers, while Frankie will get the waitress to bring shots to the table. They did this all night, talk about cuteness.

Who needs a guy when Nikki and Pia will forever be the dance partners you want in life. We kept grinding on each other playfully and innocently, like always!

Once they played reggae, I knew I got excited!
Nikki my love, stay gorgeous inside and out, you deserve the world.

Happy birthday!

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