Ten Degrees

Long day at work, in my head I was going straight home right after. Chris hits me up and says let’s meet up, he’s at the Pop Up Shops in Union Square and decided to do a little shopping. I’m like “eeeeh, I don’t know, I really wanted to just do my hair.” Like usual, I never listen to myself, I was already in the train on my way.

We walk the square and it’s packed, everyone seems to be doing last minute Christmas shopping, us included. Chris ends up knocking out 2 people of his list, and ended up getting himself a few things in the process. He never spoils himself, so when we picked out a brand new pair of boots for him, I was happy to see him happy.

He tells me he’s supposed to meet up with Pia, and I was ready to keep hanging out. We ended up going to some Brewery on 14th, that had the most horrible service, but that didn’t stop him from getting his beer, while I sipped on some wine. Something that was much needed and missed. Lately I’ve been drinking so much beer and my belly pooch isn’t too cute right now. hahaha. Wine forever and ever.

We meet up with Pia at Urban Outfitters with her boo Phil, who I finally got to meet for the first time and was pretty damn cool. After shopping, we headed to 10 Degrees, a tiny little bar spot that Ramon loooooves. He was meeting us there, and the group was  slowly getting together. Except maybe Jose, who was being texted throughout the night and was pretty grouchy that he couldn’t go….next time Jose!

More wine for this girl!

Nikki was on her way and Pia keeps insisted I stay longer…. I ‘m explaining that I’m a suckish adult who has to be at work at 6am, and my  life is already over. I stay for a while, but once it hit a certain time, it was quitting time.

Ugh, I really wanted to stay!

Especially after seeing all the amazing and drunken pics from after I left.

I ended up missing my train stop because I fell asleep, and had more walking to do now.

It was a good night, and more is coming soon, now … let’s hope I wake up on time.

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