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Seems like all I do these days is work. But let me stop complaining, because at least I’m working, and getting some money in my pockets. I’m currently trying to save up for a vacation in February, destination TBA at a later time, even though I know exactly where I want to go, I just don’t want to jinx it. (superstitious taps)

Christmas is right around there corner, I have so many ideas roaming around in my head, and shallow pockets. Hey, at least I got all of the babies that I’m surrounded by out of the way. So to all my kiddies, you are safe. hahaha

I have a few grown ups that I wanted to get a few things for, but in all reality, I don’t see that happening. Hey, if anything, there’s Three Kings Day, thank goodness I’m a latina.

Honestly, enough I haven’t even done an ounce of decorating in my house this year. Usually, I have my tree up (see last year HERE), presents and decor looking all cute, and this year has just been so blah, not that I’m being a grouch or anything. I’ve been busy like crazy, who has the time, especially since I’m almost never home anymore.

I’m excited for the pernils and coquitos to come. I was helping( or so I say) get the materials so Chris’s family friend can make some. I really need to figure out how to make my own. On that note, I need to learn how to cook a pretty moist pernil. Hmmm, if only I had a good teacher.

I’m going to have a like 3 days off consecutively and I couldn’t be more excited, it’s a like a mini vacation, except I’ll still be here… but not really here, because let’s face it, I’m gonna get shit wasted. I’m going to drink my life away knowing I don’t have to worry about work the next day…aaah, what a good feeling.

See you guys soon, that was just me blurting random caca (shit)…..

kiss kiss


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