Baby girl Pia is back in town, and whenever she is, it seems like most of us scramble around pulling her by the limbs. Time is usually of the essence, and whenever she has some free time, it usually never stays that way for long.

Friend Randy invited me to Slate, some club I have never heard of in Flat Iron, even though I mentioned to him I got out at 12am, I wasn’t making any promises. When Nikki and Pia were insisting to go out, as exhausted as I was, how could I possibly say no?

I told myself I wasn’t going to drink too much, since I had work the next day and gave myself a bedtime of 2am… yeah, promises to yourself, never really last too long. Three vodkas later I was on the dance floor with my girlies. You know…. in that triangle thing girls usually do when they don’t  want to be bothered. Not that it worked much anyway. We had some creepy old guy sneaking up behind Pia, and soon enough Randy came to the rescue.

A short while later, it was just us girls, and more dancing was involved while we chirped away at how much we missed each other, and what we were possibly planning for Nikki’s birthday and the New Year, I ended up rolling back at home around 4am. So much for a curfew, at least  there was no hangover involved.

kiss kiss

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