A Little Run Down of What’s Been Going On

Lately I’ve been in a bit of a rut, and it’s not something that is rising from my inner self. But my blog has been in a rut, since I’m constantly at work, I feel like that’s all I do lately, giving me almost nothing to share with you guys. What can I possibly say, all the girls I work with are complete dolls, all different and beautiful in their own way. The actual work gets stressful sometimes, but that usually comes from silly attitudes, the many that you meet throughout the day. I actually enjoy being so constantly on the move, sometimes it can be over whelming, but I love the overall feeling of accomplishment when I actually attend to all of my tasks plus more.

So here I am, finally at home, something that I barely do anymore. I just got my new mattress delivered, and it’s a little bit too long to fit into my bed frame…not a happy camper about that. But honestly, I just squeezed it in there and have the top part elevated, as it was one of those cool hospital beds that just pop up. Changing the sheets are going to be a huge hassle, but waiting on a new delivery to exchange this mattress will be worse. So I’m sticking to my creative ways.

Lately I’ve been a neat freak when it comes to my room and I’ve grown to love it.. but this week my outfit changes have led me to a rug full of black clothing, since that’s all I wear to work. I’m staring at it, and  I know it needs to be picked up, but my legs seem heavy and I rather just write to you instead.

I’m blasting John Mayer, one of my favorites. You would think I was sad or love sick,  but I just adore his calming voice. If he wasn’t such a douchebag, personality wise, he could be a possible dream guy, just alone with that beautiful voice of his.

This whole week I’ve been on a curly hair streak, something I almost never do anymore. I’m a huge fan of natural hair when it comes to texture. (Don’t ask me about color because I’m a hair-dye-holic!) I used to have long beautiful black curls, and with all of the chemicals, heat, cutting, styling…. it’s gotten to be a toll on actually looking naturally anything. Heat has been my life saver for the past years, blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, Brazilian keratin treatment (once, when desperate) if it wasn’t for these killers, my mini bangs will be frizzballs, my split ends will turn like spider legs, I .. would go insane. A couple of months ago I tried wearing my hair curly, straight out of the shower, not a pretty sight, one, my hair was super short, the top where the roots were, were beautiful ringlets, while the rest of my hair, fell flat, dead, ugly. Yuck!

All in due time…

When I first came into work with my curls, everyone was in shock. I’ve been wearing straight hair since I was first hired. I got everything from I look like I came straight from the 80’s, to Scary Spice, to I look ratchet and so much more. I’ve noticed my latinas and my black beautiful women seem to love it and prefer it on me more.

A new improvement has come about, my whole head is full is of curls now, purple, yes..but looking healthier as ever. Now I just need my bangs to finally grow out (I get desperate in my middle stages and grab scissors) I’ve decided to wear my curls for 2 weeks out of the month, to let my scalp and tresses breathe. And the other 2, instead of doing my hair myself and over-heating, I’ll actually head to a salon and treat myself. I mean, why not… I deserve it, don’t I!?

I’ve been trying to spend more time with my family and friends. I know we all have our busy lives to attend to. We all have responsibilities, bills due, many have kids, school work etc. I get it… busy busy bees. I for one, am guilty for sometimes forgetting to text someone back, stick with plans, (especially since my schedule is never stable anymore). Since hanging out can usually be difficult, I’ve been picking up the better habit of actually picking up my phone and calling people. Last night I actually spent about an hour talking to my sister. Something we haven’t done since we were boy hungry teenagers. I miss her, and just as I miss her.. I miss so many other people. I miss the voices and hearing their laughs.

Social networking is amazing, but something so simple can make such a huge difference. The only mood booster!

kiss kiss

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