Mini Golf with the Men

Lazy Sunday, especially when we were supposed to leave the house earlier than we did. The plan was to go shopping for Christmas presents. That plan derailed as soon as in conversation about Chris’s goddaughter, he instantly remembered one of his baby cousins was turning 1 today. I’ve known Julio, the dad since my junior high school days, so it was nice to see him and meet his beautiful girls. After the leaving the “Frozen” themed birthday party, I went to go snatch up my baby brother Jeremy.

I saw baby, like this boy isn’t grown. He’s taller than me and has the voice as a grown ass man. He’s so handsome, I swear he’s growing up way too fast.

Shopping was done in a hurry, and it felt like we took more time drinking fruit shakes and eating sandwich pizzas. Chris had the brilliant idea of playing mini golf, and that’s just what we decided to do. I mean, we were debating go kart racing and lazer tag… but next time, next time…trust me.

Mini golf was super cute, everything was pitch black with a whole bunch of obstacles in neon uv paint.. my kind of expectations! hahaha

I’ve been meaning to make some uv painted canvases and body art, maybe this was just the inspiration I needed.

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