New Art: Avi’s Beauty Salon

I haven’t used spray cans in forever. I have so much practicing to do.I guess we’re all our own worsts critics. I arrived on Sunday, the earliest day the salon closes. Since the ladies in the shop were still attending to heads, Chris and I decided to do what we do best…. Burgers and Beers.

We found some cute little random hole in the wall and got to grubbing. The place was cute and even though the beers could be better (they were a little flat) those burgers were inhaled up right away.

Back to the shop.

I had started a mini little sketch of what I wanted this shutter to look like, but like usual, my end results usually never look like intended.My baby cousin Chase got to spray paint for the first time ever, under supervision of course. His little fingers didn’t have enough strength to add pressure to the cap. I think he was scared, but it was the most adorable thing ever. I had a lot of work ahead of me, and luckily for me, Chris lend me a helping hand. Usually I hate whenever anyone touches my work, but I know he has artistic background and decided not to be such a prude about it.

He would ask what I wanted him to do and we actually had a good time painting. His music was playing in the background, and I usually love some old school hip hop. After a while my fingers were shot, not because of the cold, but because I kept pressing so much. Alternating hands is one thing I’m grateful for, surprisingly my left hand is pretty accurate when it comes to aerosol cans. Don’t ask me about paintbrushes or pencils though.
This night was definitely a show stopper though. I had so many people passing by and giving compliments, it felt pretty good. Of course I had some business cards to give out, you know me, always prepared.

Also, I’ll be posting a video soon, something that I’m itching to do more of…… Oh, Santa, give me that new camera I’ve been dying for.

I’ll see you guys soon!

kiss kiss