Desirables: December 2014 Wants

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It’s December… and that means we all want some new stuff!

See, the way my bank account is set up though…..ok, enough.

My closet is always hungry, and I need to constantly feed it. I may not always be able to afford the exact same items I may fall in love with, but with the way I was brought up, budget friendly finds are always a win. I’v been very lucky enough to find some kind resembles to the things I usually fall in love with. This month I hope, I’m just as lucky.

First things first, Number 15. The Olympus Touch TG-850. I’ve been on the hunt for a smaller camera, I love my Canon Rebel t3i with all of my heart, but carrying that bad boy around can get inconvenient. Especially when I’m on the go and I’m busy getting shots for my blog. Belle (my canon) is great when I have time, and when I’m doing my freelance photography. I originally wanted to get this point and shoot camera but when I went inside Best Buy, I immediately fell in love with the Olympus. It’s meant to go underwater and it’s super tough, even though I have the Go Pro, the screen that flips up had me at hello. I’m gonna get this baby no matter what.

As you can see, neutral colors are an essential item for me. Not only do they look amazing, I never really have to bother matching. Something I hate to do, especially when I’m in a rush getting dressed.

I’ve been itching to get some new ink for a little while now. Most of my savings have been going in to my Traveling Fund, since I want to see so much of the world. But I need to at least finish my sleeve and fill up those empty gaps I hate staring at.

Let’s see how much I end up with.

kiss kiss

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