Jason “DG One” Wulf Memorial, In Honor of His Life





I’ll admit, I personally didn’t know “DG“. I have seen his work many times, and from one artist to another, I always tend to support the arts. Unfortunately with his recent passing, and many broken hearts this memorial/ art show came to be. Not only was the place packed, you could tell how great the vibe was, everyone was celebrating a life, how great it was, how talented he was, how funny he was, how many  adored him, and how many he adored back. His mother and sister spoke, which was sad and heartbreaking.

Grand Wizard Theodore, Ramo from Beat Street and Apache Ramos (from The Warriors) made an appearance and spoke some lovely words on his behalf.

There was a video montage presented by Eric Rivas, that was wonderfully done. I felt like I knew DG after that projection, and I was honored to just even be there at the moment.

Many artworks were donated by wonderful artists like Queen Andrea, JA, Easy, Diva, QA, Ces, Spot, Ghost, JD, and many more.

There is also a fundraiser for a headstone, so if you would like to donate please feel free to do so by clicking HERE.

My condolences go out to his family, friends, fellow artists and fans. He was obviously very loved in this community we call graffiti, and I’ve never been prouder to even have an ounce to do with that. It’s amazing how much can be done, with a stroke of a brush, a spray of a can, a love of  art.



see Daily News Post Here.

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  1. I found film online. You were right. I learned a lot about him. Great documentary! Ramo from Beat Street talks on him. Wow!!


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