Desirables: November 2014 Wants


1.   2.  3.  4.  5.  6.   7.  8.  9.  10.  11.  12.   13.  14.  15.  16.  17.   18. 19.  20.

New month, new wants… I want sooo much! Who has an unlimited credit card I can borrow?

This gold flask(No.16) is the cutest thing! I’ve been meaning to get myself a cute little flask to stuff in my purse. A little alcoholic I’ve become. This one seems sleek and classy enough to get me drunk. Cheers! This checkered knitted cardigan (No.12) is just what I need to layer up for the cold that’s coming up. I still get my texture, and in grey it’ll just go with everything in my closet.

When I used to work in Bergdorf Goodman a couple of years ago, I learned about a designer by the name of Kelly Wearstler.  Her style is a little wicked with a touch of gold, I love it, and I’ve seen these legs (No.10) and I just need to have them in my house. Maybe one day. But look at this cute little kitty tea pot (No.14), I’m not a tea drinker, but with something as cute as this, I’ll start.

This Q & A journal (No.9) is a 5 year old journal that asks you questions 5 times, once for each year. It’ll be nice to see how much an answer can change in time, see how you grow, Need, like now! These frilly little socks(No.1) will look cute under some ankle boots, perfect for the fall.

Let me stop going crazy.. see you guys for the December Wants soon! kiss kiss

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