Hair of the Dog

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (1)It’s officially Marcela’s last night in NYC, and since most of the time she was here we were stuffing our faces and exploring, this night called for drinks. My Oli Oli O, came to join in on the fun, and instantly I was feeling better. My day didn’t start off that well, since I was in such a crappy mood because, well. some people just get on my last nerve! I won’t mention no names, but I get really bothered when others try to use you, and when you put them in their place, they get upset upset about it! I’m no puppet on a string, so my mood was basically “fuck off!”  Good thing I was on my way to get some drinks, and knowing me, I was already pre-gaming with a lot of wine while I got dressed. Marcela kept insisting she looked too “hoochie” while I kept telling her she didn’t. I’ve seen hoochie, and that my dear was not it. She looked like she just got out of work and was just getting  a beer after, Oli agreed. I wore  maxi dress that I ended up flipping and drapping into a shorter dress… and trust me the whole time I was getting dressed Marci kept pushing the fact that I was wearing a long dress, and I’m just like ” Can I just finished getting dressed woman!”

Hair of the Dog was my kind of bar, yes it was pretty damn packed, but you couldn’t beat those prices, I ordered a jameson and ginger ale for me and Marci, while Oli got a beer. Once we were finished, the screens where the baseball game was playing just shot up, and all of a sudden we finally see a menu. Whaaaaat, we can get pitchers!? 

Pitchers of Blue Moon it was. Plural.  After al that beer, I insisted on us going dancing, and that was just what I needed to get me happy again. Not to mention the fact that someone who met up with me was in big trouble, and was trying to make it up to me!

Six point beers, and more jameson. Marcela had booked a hotel so we can all drink some vodka and hang out all night. I knew I had work the next day, but since it was later on, I was like whateveeeer! 

Omg, that hotel room was too funny, not the physical hotel room, but you know… all the shit that was happening.

Drunken nights guys, drunken nights for the win.

The next day I was grateful I had no hangover, while someone suffered with one and even threw up a couple of times. Poor baby.

We all decided to go to my place after check out and take a much needed nap. Oh man, we were knocked out!

As soon as my alarm clock ran, it was time for me to be an adult again and get ready for work, while Marcela had to pack her bags and make sure she wasn’t late for her flight.

Once work was over, it was time for a glass of wine, until next time guys.

kiss kiss