Pancakes, Skating, Carousel, Football and Pool

2minxinxToday was packed with a whole bunch of different activities stuffed in a day. Chris hits me up with a ” let’s go get brunch” mean while I’m just thinking to myself, it’s soooo early, there’s no “unch” yet. We headed to some hole in the wall restaurant, I only wish I got the name of because their pancakes were delicious. He tells me, this place specialized in pancakes and me, knowing better, should have gotten the pancaked. I ordered french toast, and even though it was good, especially with the hint of apple it had, it was nothing compared to how good the pancakes were that I just kept taking from Chris’s plate. A perfect fluffiness inside with a nice toasty top. (Yum, I want some more now)2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxWe decided to walk a bit, especially since we feel super fat, and since I don’t know how to chew my food (I suck everything up like a vacuum) I finished first, like I usually do. But it was so worth it. After walking past a couple of piers, I insist on us roller-blading. It has been forever! I used to do this as a kid all the time, and yes, there’s ice-skating, but it’s not the same. I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride with the 4 wheelers, that have 2 wheels on each side, but for some reason BALANCE and I just never got along. I tried this time, and boy was I struggling! Chris swore he didn’t know how to skate with those either, but he’s full of shit because he was showing off, and riding backwards in no time. I busted my ass about 4 times, after that last time, and cracking up tremendously, it was time to give in. I traded the four wheelers for some inline skates and it was on!2minxinxSince there was so m,any football games on, and this one is a feen… ( I have to admit, I have been getting pretty into it, and have learned so much… now I catch myself watching the games every Sunday) we headed to an outdoor  bar and grabbed a beer, it was nice , but since it was getting pretty chilly we decide to change spots. While walking I dragged Chris to Jane’s Carousel. I’ve only been here once, (see that post here) and when I mentioned it, he pulled the “ew, and who did you come here with?” I started to crack up, I took myself! Hey, if I can’t enjoy my own company, why would anybody else? His face while on that horse was everything, and yes, we picked the horses that moved up and down!2minxinx

After the carousel we  found an even better bar with about 10 screens, a different game on each one. He was in heaven. This time I ordered wine, because let’s face it, I ran out at home and I was in a drought. 3 glasses later, Chris and I were in front of the pool table. He kicked my butt about twice, and even though I told him I’m not much a great player, I know he was surprised when I kept making about 3 shots in a row. (Hey, my abuelo taught me well when I was about 10 years old) I think I might need to invest in a billiard table of my own. Where to put it, is the question.

See you guys next time!

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