Chuckie Cheese for Chase

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxI got to spend the day with my cousins Scarla and Diana, and their rugrats. Scarla’s oldest Chase was having a birthday, and even though the weather stopped her original plans from going Pumpkin Picking (boooo), Scarla was’nt going to let that stop her from surprising her little one with something special for his special day. She quickly set up some decorations and had Diana’s kids wait super quiet downstairs while her two boys, Chase and Chad got ready. Chase had no idea anyone was even in the house, so his face was priceless once he finally made his grand entrance and everyone yelled “SURPRISE!” After singing happy birthday, all the kiddies decked out in their ninja turtles attire it was ready for part 2 of the day.. Chuckie Cheese. While waiting for Scarla to get everything together, you know, mom stuff.. I took the kids outside and had them play red light, green light 1-2-3. I used to play this game all the time when I was their age with my cousins(who are all grown and popping out babies now! haha)

Once we got to Chuckie Cheese, I was on big kid mode, of course I was snapping pics away like I usually do, but I was ready to kick some butt! I did pretty good when it came to basketball, and apparently that was Chase’s favorite as well. That went out the window quickly as soon as he saw that Chuckie the mouse was coming out, he was sooo excited! I have never seen a kid so happy as I saw him when he came out. I swear Chase was holding on to the poor guy in the suit, and even though the mouse kept walking around, there was Chase grabbing him by the shirt. I can’t say the same for Katelyn, Diana’s baby girl, as a tough cookie that little girl is, (super smart, love it!) Her and Chuckie was not a good mix… as soon he got close or even half way across the room, she would panic, She was so scared, I felt so bad… but I loved when she was clinging on me! 

It was a good day!

Happy Birthday Chase!

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