October Wants 2014

2minxinx2minxinxHello, hello October!

I’ve been prepping for you all year! October I love you.  Every month I take some time out to jot down all the things I wish magically appeared in my closet. Usually I’ll get close to finding something similar to it, than the one mentioned and that’s good enough for me. You already know, ballin on a budget!

I  saw this (No.1) gorgeous plaid Alexander McQueen coat on Kate Middleton and I swear I should have fainted right there on the spot. I need you, like right now!  I know everyone is a MAC and Sephora whore now a days, but drug store finds are perfectly fine with me. My face isn’t sensitive, I don’t get allergic reactions, my face isn’t dry or oily and thank goodness, I never really break out (knocks on wood). NYX  cosmetics is one of my favorites. Not only are they affordable at like 9 bucks each item (except when you decide to be a crazy person and but like 12 items at once, it’s tempting.. I know)  This Kimono (No.10)  is drop dead gorgeous, and with this month’s festivities, I wouldn’t mind throwing that over a cute leather skirt.

I plan to make a different one of these with a more ghoulish side,  so don’t cry.. I’ll be back soon!

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