Mood Board No.6: Hire Me!


Ay, another Mood Board… this one is number 6. (See Mood Board No.5 Here) I started these so I can visually start showing whatever I was feeling or going through at the moment, and this one is no exception. I’ve been breaking my back lately trying to find a new job. I’ve been hunting for a while now, and this point it seems like the Craigslist’s ads just all jumble up together, the applications for companies all look the same, and my phone has been dry as ever. Funds keep getting lower and lower and the stress seems to keep escalating. I barely sleep, in front of the computer just looking and looking. My nights seem to end at like 7 in the morning, but only because  my eyes can’t handle the brightness of the screen anymore.

You know that feeling where you are so exhausted that you start to get a bit hyper and ridiculous? The moment where you are almost delusional and just keep laughing?

That was me just about yesterday, I’m laughing at myself while texting a friend, I joke with a friend telling her I need a moment of silence for my job hunting skills. I found the conversation pretty funny, and ended up posting it online, just for the hell of it.2minxinxAll of a sudden I have so many followers on Instagram telling me were I should I apply, where is hiring, names to use as recommendations, and so much more! It was overwhelming and amazing all at the same time. I’m usually the type to never ask for help, but this time I was more than grateful for it.

I started applying for all the new places that were mentioned, and so far the results have been great. I have three interviews set up, and I’m more than ecstatic to at least get to this part of of the job hunting process.

I usually do pretty damn well if I do say so myself, when it comes to interviews, so that part I’m not worried about.

Well, I know this Mood Board has been more personal than the rest, but you know what.. so what. I have to admit I’m super grateful for those who are in my online community. I know the internet can usually be considered mean, or ridiculous due to the cyber bullying, false accusations and so much more. But sometimes, if you’re looking in the right places, you bump into feel good moments, people who understand, many who help and in time they become more, friends, family, a confidant.

So thank you guys, wish me luck!

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