Hot Date with my Smeats

diana chatIt’s been a while since I have spoken to Diana, my main squeeze by the nickname of Smeats. We originally started calling each other that because her love of sweets and my love of meat. Don’t laugh guys!

Now that she’s stationed in Hawaii, and I miss her soooo much, it’s harder to stay close, but not impossible,

We set our video chat date  for 11pm, which means it was only about 5 pm over there. We ended up talking for about 4 hours, catching up on absolutely everything! She’s getting married and is prego! So exciting! We spoke about boys, decorations, family, dresses, old classmates, crazy ex boyfriends, future plans, work stuff, all of it.

It was amazing, and I can’t wait until our next date.

Love you Smeats!

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