Roc Race New York 2014

roc race

We’ve been excited for this race ever since we got the tickets!

Let’s start at the beginning. Sleepovers and Ihop in the morning. Those crepes were much needed after a night of heavy drinking. I don’t know how we expect to have energy to run, when our bodies are super sore. The grogginess didn’t stop us from getting there, and now that we were all in our work out clothes, the rain wasn’t going to stop us either. It was a little chilly, and some of us were worried about their hair… (cough cough, me) I grabbed a hoodie and ended up looking like Kenny from South Park the whole time. I actually did better, in my opinion with the running part than I did at my last two 5k’s this summer (Color Run & Epic Fail)

Roc Race ( Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge) is  basically set up as one of those game shows where you have to pass obstacles in order to get to the next level. What I was expecting was there to be water. So of course, at the end of this all, we were freeeezing!

But who cares, Pia was getting picked on because it looked like she was humping one of the inflatable obstacles, and she was put on blast by the hype guy, especially when he screamed out for her to get a room!

The fellas, Chris, Jose and Ramon had made a bet, whoever crosses the finish line last, has to buy  the first round of beers.

Nikki, Cinita and I were too busy, just trying to catch up to everybody!

Check out the video of our day!

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