Cuban Pianos for Tatiana

2minxinx2minxinxAh, I remember when I first turned 21. I was actually on good terms with my  mother, and I decided to keep it low key. It was just me, her and the best friend with a day of dancing where my mother bought me my first “official” legal drink. A cranberry and vodka. Time goes by so quickly, and if I was to look back at who I was then, I would have a butt- load of advice to give future me. Everything from boys, to school, to friends and job decisions. I wonder if I would even listen to “future” me. Probably not, I’m pretty stubborn.

Tatiana, the baby of the bunch, was celebrating her 21st birthday. We all decided to grab dinner at a Cuban restaurant I remember all of us going to about 5 years ago. That was actually the first time I tried a mojito. Like the first time, the restaurant was playing spanish music that I was jamming to, and they also had the guy rolling the cigars nears the window. I swear, one day, I’ll be smoking a cigar in Cuba. (Officially on my Bucket List).

Back to the night at hand:

Tatiana was looking super cute in her fitted black dress, and everyone was so happy to be back together, talking smack all night.  Dinner was first, and I don’t know what everyone was on that night, but absolutely everyone ended up ordering the same dish…hahaha… Steak with rice and beans. (the steak was pretty damn good) I on the hand ordered chicken marinated in orange sauce and mozzarella, which was amazing, and made my pinot noir taste much better. Especially since it wasn’t that good in the first place. Maybe it’s because I’m usually a red wine lover.

After stuffing our faces, we all headed to Pianos. A bar/Lounge this crew is always ranting about, yet I have never been to.  You guys don’t understand… they are always talking about Pianos when we get together. Yes, I usually feel left out, and get the death stare ” whaaaaat, you’ve never been!?” No, I have never been.  When we got there, the line was ridiculously long, and when we finally made it to the front, the Russian/Polish type bouncer insisted that he knew Mikey from somewhere.  All of us looking confused and  our eyes doing the ping pong  motion with our eyeballs. Back and forth, bouncer, Mikey, Bouncer, Mikey.

The Bouncer asks Mikey if he’s ever been to jail. We all start laughing under our breath and just stare at Mikey. The bouncer insists he looks like a troublemaker, and let’s us go in anyway.

Woaaah, what was that about!? Jose automatically starts picking on Mikey, and the first rounds of beers are purchased.

We ended up having to wait another line once inside, to get to the upstairs section where all the dancing and the party actually takes place. I was ready to dance. I did not care if I had to wait.2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxI was super excited because I had my cousins meeting up with me and I haven’t seen them in forever! Frankie was coming from Pennsylvania, and though Rosie was in NYC, I never really see her. Last time I saw Frankie was like 7 years ago, I think. Who knows, I don’t really want to count, just know it was a long time. Since he was only here for the weekend, I had to make sure I made some time for him.  He made friends with everyone in no time, especially after all the beers and shots. Liquor brings everyone together!

Liquor also starts trouble.

When our night was almost ending, some drunk guy decides to smack me on the ass, while his friend grabs my wrist. I immediately turn around and start cursing them out. After ripping them a new asshole I walk towards the way I was originally walking to in the first place, the restroom. Once I come back out I noticed all the men in the table where rushing to my defense, one in particular. After being all in front of the guys face, yelling and the bouncer came about, I was given an apology and the guy was kicked out.

After we all settled down, we weren’t going to let that ruin our night. I let it go, we all let it go, and it was time for one more round of shots. It was time to toast to the birthday girl, and she was feeling nice! Her and Jose, who almost never get’s wasted, so that was fun to watch!

Nikki and Rosie were my dance partners for the most of the night, and when Rosie told the dj to play a bachata song, the whole bar got open! Everyone grabbed their partner and got to shaking their hips.  I wish they would have played some more, but it was mostly a top 100 kind of place.

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxTatiana looked like she had a lot of fun, and Cintia was such a doll for switching shoes with her at the end of the night.

Tatiana, happy birthday, I hope it was one for the books!

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