Pool Side with ZJ

2minxinxMcCarren Pool got some love and attention from my godson Zj and I. Yes, he was pretty cranky at first because he didn’t feel like traveling (he hates long train rides) and even though he was was recently fed, he insisted he was hungry. Kids right?

Once he saw that blue water, it was all smiles and splashes everywhere. We couldn’t really bring a camera in, but know that it was a nice relaxing time. He didn’t want to leave after a while, and I was just glad he was having some fun. I have to admit, he was so well behaved, I was impressed!

I was more on watch mode then playing mode, but that didn’t mean I didn’t jump into the pool.. plus, there was this cute lifeguard there….oooo eeee!

Not like it mattered, hahaha.

I’ll see you guys soon!

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