Mood Board No.4: Autumn’s Arriving

While chatting with a friend, I mentioned how Autumn is around the corner, and I for one couldn’t be any more excited.

Yes, I’m sure everyone loves summer and I  must admit, this one was pretty damn good in my opinion. I went to musical festivals, had dinner with friends, saw movies in the park, went to art shows, went dancing, had a little lot of drinks, had girly sleepovers, went to the zoo, got to upgrade my photography portfolio, run some 5k’s, spend time with my kiddies (nephews, nieces, godson), hit the beach, hit the pool, got a little tan, painted some cool stuff and cool people, and got to wear some cute sun dresses while rocking bright orange hair, and then magenta hair.

Whew, talk about a run on sentence!

There’s just something about fall, that I just adore. Maybe it’s the combination of the red, orange and yellow leaves. That nice cool breeze. But let’s face it ladies, we truly love it, because of the layers! We get to look cute in a nice mini skirt, with a flowy jacket. Some cool tights, with ankle boots and cute scarf… all while looking adorable with dark bold lips.

So, here’s my mood board No.4: Autumn’s Arrival (See No.3 Here)

Let’s hope this season has some good surprises in store for me, which I think it will 

For now, I better finish rocking all my sun dresses while I can!

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