First Time Shooter

shooting rangeGuys!

I can officially knock one more thing out of my Bucket List.

The other day in Jersey with nothing to do after getting stuffed at Ihop.. which was amazing by the way, Chris and I headed to the shooting range. Yes you read right.

I got to shoot my first gun today!

I was so nervous,excited and felt my heart pounding.

They were two 9mm pistols, and surprisingly the smaller one had more of a kick back to it.

I think I did pretty damn well for a first timer, especially since I’m super blind and I had no glasses. So squinting it was!

It was an exhilarating experience and I know I will do this more often. I was even contemplating of going for my gun license. Hey, why not?

Check out my shots, I obviously missed many around his head, but check out the blows to his brain, spine and heart! Boom!

targetsig 2


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