Tangled in Samara’s Birthday Party

Samara was turning 4, and every princess should be treated like one, especially on her birthday, Annette and Sammy (Samara’s parents) did just that. Upon our arrival at Jump On It in Jersey, we got straight to decorating while the kids removed their shoes and headed straight into the moon bouncers. The place was bright and colorful while the staff was cheerful and attentive. I helped Annette prepare the party room, and I headed to the play room to grab some shots of Samara enjoying herself. Her family and friends were already there to have some fun and everyone was loving Samara’s dress. She was dressed as Rapunzel from Disney’s movie Tangled. She looked absolutely beautiful. Lucky for me, I ended up wearing the same colors as the birthday girl, and she loved it even more. Every time I turned around she wanted me next to her. “Milli come here, Milli look at this this, Milli let’s play!” (I guess now you guys know my real name lol)

After all the pizza and cake we headed back to the house, where it was time for the adults to celebrate. You know how it is when it comes to latinos, we party hard, and we do it right! I for one, started off with wine, I’m addicted I tell you, and apparently Annette wanted me to stay addicted too, because every time I got a little close to seeing the bottom of my glass, she was already filling it up to the top. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

Everyone was great, and so friendly. I had such a great time, and being surrounded by such a beautiful family was so uplifting.

Samara is the absolutely cutest little girl, and her hugs are to die for! I wish her all the best and I hope I get to see more of her soon!

Happy Birthday Princess Samara!

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