Juliette and Friends

It was time to meet up with friends for dinner. The place.. Juliette in Williamsburg. I wasn’t really hungry, but I was ready for some laughs and some drinks. Something that always ends up happening when hanging out with this crew. I have known this bunch since my High School days, and though I don’t always see them often, it’s always a blast when together.

I was excited to see Nikki, since we ended up seeing each other at the Skyroom last month(see that post here), and we had more catching up to do. Girly stuff, you know, the good stuff!

I ended up going halfsies on a grilled chicken sandwich with fries with Chris, and ordered myself a glass of Bordeaux…okay 2 glasses!

Everyone was picking on Mikey, since he was sick, Ramon was telling us about his 32 days of soberness (super proud | personal choice), Jose was telling us how the highway constructions are ridiculous now a days, Chris is the one to blame for that, Cintia is now in charge of setting up the friend dates, Tatiana will be celebrating a birthday soon, Nikki wasn’t giving employees enough hours, and I am painting, like always.
Dessert was ordered, and it was like a big wheel of fortune where everything was spinning back and forth. Plates were being passed around back and forth and I fell in love with whatever Nikki ordered, which happened to be a chocolate cake with some vanilla ice cream and some walnuts on the side. Yummy!

After playing catch up with everyone, and most going home, 4 of us remained and we headed to a local bar with a German old school mid west type of kick to it. Craft beers, live performance by tuba players with an obvious fascination to Louie Armstrong.

I ordered a Blondie, I’ve learned that craft beer is way too good, but I’m not a huge fan of the bitterness, so I usually order a light Pale Ale. I’ve been learning about craft beer, but nothing will ever compete with my wine. I’m a wine lover forever.

I’ll see you guys soon, it a was good night with great people, no complaints here.

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