WIP: Curly Canary

2minxinx2minxinxIt’s time for some new artwork. It was also time for me to finish watching How I Met Your Mother. I used to watch it with my brother Kiki all the time and it was time to  find out who Ted finally ends up impregnating. Netflix on.

This Work In Progress was started and finished in a few hours, I’m so proud of myself. Usually, lately, I start a new piece and just drop it. Shame on me. I can proudly say, that wasn’t the case for this piece which I decided to title: “Curly Canary”.

I owed a friend a canvas from a long time ago. Which was pretty damn big, I actually finished it and fell in love with it, but never had the chance to give it to him. After joking around about what it should look like, he gave me complete freedom, which I jokingly said I’m going to make her resemble me, Once he said “Make It Happen”, I knew that even though, I was going to exaggerate her body… I was gonna do it. He has yet to see the end result, so when I give it to him, you guys can see it too.

Enjoy these teasers in the mean time. I also have one more season to go…..for now.

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