Jonahs & Magelis Baptism: Pretty Poses

2minxinx2minxinxIMG_6484.bAs I mentioned in my previous post, I was in charge of the photography for my niece Magelis and nephew Jonahs’s baptism. So of course, not only was I taking candids, which I love taking… I had to get some posed shots as well. Cute babies and beautiful family members, easy enough. After the mass, the church had a cute little garden right next to it, and natural light is a girl’s best friend.

I grabbed a table cloth from the church that I “borrowed” so these chunky babies can lay down and not mess up their all white attire. Jonahs was a little cranky, but after a few tears he managed to look at the camera, maybe because I had like 5 people behind me making funny faces and calling him over.

GJ (short for Genesis Jasmine, Lionela‘s cutsie daughter) is awesome to point the camera at. Mind you, she wouldn’t just give me a regular smile the whole time, infamous for her funny faces.

When we got back to Sasha and Ramgy’s place, Ceci was in charge of the cake, which was way too cute.

Stay posted for the next post, where we get a little crazy celebrating Dominican style.sig 2IMG_65102minxinx2minxinx IMG_66782minxinx2minxinxIMG_66642minxinx

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