New Artwork: Ms.Teach

ms.teachIt’s been quite a while since I have posted New Artwork that was on canvas. Let’s face it, painting beautiful women on beautiful women is usually faster and much more entertaining. I promised myself I had to get back to canvas work. And I happened to do just that. Long time friend Shanicka (and when I say long time, I mean all the way back to 7th grade) recently found me online. I was not only happy to hear from her, but I also blushed when she said she was happy to know that art was still a huge part of my life.

When I was a kid, I used to draw peoples names on a a piece of paper and sell them for a dollar!

haha, don’t laugh!

But I guess it goes to show, how some things never change and better yet, some things just get better in time, Sometimes when you truly have a passion in life, it just follows you everywhere you go, and I for one, am glad that my work has grown so much over the years.

Ok, ok. . . .back to the commission had a few rules, as she was giving me as much artist freedom as I wanted. Which I always love when people give me full control. Her rules:

1. Involve purple      2. Not too scandalously  dressed &      3. In a classroom environment.

Boom! That seemed simple enough. After she picked her size, I got to work immediately since I already had an idea on  my mind of what I wanted it to look like. I know I wanted to add some gold tones in there, which you can see on my infamous checkerboard floors and on the globe. I originally started the chalkboard in the background as an actual real chalkboard. I wanted her to be able to write on the artwork as well. When almost done, I decided that wasn’t the best idea, since I wanted to add varnish to seal the paint, and let’s face it, chalk dust is the worst.

I will say this, I loved how the purple and splatters of orange stand out in the background, giving it a galaxy feeling. Because you know, Learn a little, you just might discover the possibilities in the universe.

My corniness escaped, excuse me. 🙂

It took some time to actually finish this piece, because let’s face it, I got a little lazy, and kind of lost my train of thought in the middle. But I’m so glad, I got to finish this piece. Like I said in a previous post…back on my hustle!

Plus, it helped that Shanicka loved it just as much! ♥

Now, what do you guys think?

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Ps. If you would like your own personalized piece, I am currently open for commission requests. Please emai me at for more information, or please visit my F.A.Q page