Gay Men Drawing Vaginas

Recently I have bumped into one of the greatest finds I think I would ever find online.

Gay Men Drawing Vaginas. That’s right, you read that correctly.

GMDV have started and have collected many drawings, sketches, of vaginas from different perspectives. Not only from gay men, but straight ones as well.

Most of the drawings attempt to replicate anatomy, but many are conceptual or “abstract.”

I think it’s eye openly hilarious and beautiful how many different people can envision so many different outcomes when asked to draw the same thing.

352750924cd543f36c1cbe38057813f5_largeThey have also started a kickstarter account to make this amazing concept into a book!

I think the whole idea is brilliant. Here are some of my favorites from what I have seen so far:minx's favorite vaginas

What do you guys think of these and the idea? I want to know!sig 2

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