Katt’s Turning Up Medium

Katt already had it set in stone, that she was ready to turn up medium. Not get turned up, but medium. Enough drinks to get her dancing on top of the bar, but not to the point where she was belligerently drunk. It was her birthday celebration after all.

Maybe I should have been using the same caution as she was.

Let’s start at the beginning.

After arriving to the bar with great company, it was time to get drinks. Headed to the bar to get the first round of shots, cheers for Katt. That shot was gone too quickly, time for a drink. Jameson and ginger ale please. Then a huge bar fight broke out. Something I have only seen on movies and have never witnessed in person. Ok, except for one time because I just now remembered. Moving on….

2 guys are bickering back back and forth, another is trying to break up the fight, we have a loud girlfriend screaming “no, no, no” in her squeaky drunk voice. The guys lay hands on each other, the bouncers step in, and decide to take out the wrong guy, the one trying to stop the fight. They original drama kings start fist fighting and  more bouncers step in, now the bouncers and the bar hoppers are fighting. One of them decided to throw the other to the ground where the guy hits his head with the door frame from the exit. It all happened so fast, not to mention it’s only been like 5 minutes since we have arrived.
My partner in crime for the night found a bigger booth for all of us to sit at. Z’s brother Jayson, cousin Stevie were already there waiting on us. Katt’s best friend Kika was on her way and it was time to party.

Well, I was ready to party. Everyone was pretty comfortable sitting down and talking. But I knew if I sat down, I was never gonna get up, and I was in the mood for dancing. But then again, I am always am. I swear it’s my escape. When you’re dancing you don’t think of anything else but the music and the way your hips move.

The fellas already had some slushies which where apparently to die for! I didn’t get to taste, but I was told they were so delicious and were mixed with all types of alcohol. They also got a little crazy with pitchers of beer. After getting some Jager bombs, all of us cracking up and making some jokes. Especially since there was some guy dancing his soul out… he had some moves on him, and it felt like everyone was circling around him. Worst part on his take, this guy started to dance, everyone made a circle around him, where he then thought it was okay to start a dance battle. he decided to a front flip to have a killer ending….oh man, what was that for… this guy ended up kicking some random poor guy in the face!

I swear I saw that happen in my head in slow motion!
It was time for the birthday girl to dance, and that she did!

I know I busted my ass in the process…like I was dancing and my ass met the floor. But what can you do, I just got up, laughed and kept on dancing!

Kika and Katt were killing it on the dance floor, hey from what I remember.

It’s been a long time since I have blacked out, but at least I had someone good taking care of me. Apparently I was mean to Katt when she was ready to go home, which I don’t remember at all. I felt soooo bad. She says I didn’t want to leave and came out rude.

Damn, I suck so bad.

No worries, of course I ended up apologizing and we just laughed about it later, catching up on what did happen and recapping all the crazy moments of the night. I’m glad I got to bond with Kika more, since we are both friends with Katt, and know of each other but never really hang out together. So that was definitely nice. I woke up with a bit of a hangover, nothing that I can’t handle… but I think I might have to start being more careful with how I act when I drink. I ‘m always a happy drunk, never a mean one. So time to reflect on some issues!

Katt, you know I adore you. Enjoy your 27th year of life!

Love you!

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