August 2014 Wants

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This is my 3rd August wants you guys! (see 1 & 2 here from previous years). I guess I’m going to have start titling these with the years. I can’t believe I started this Desirables feature 3 years ago already, time sure does go by quickly. But I see my style hasn’t changed much, especially since I’m into grungy, clean lines and draping most of the time. Though I must admit, lately I have been more into soft pastel colors. My favorites usually being lavender and seafoam green. They’re just so beautiful, and knowing me, I will make them match with almost anything and everything.

I’ve heard Miss Jessie’s is the absolutely best when in comes to curly hair, specializing in multicultural, natural curls is hard to find now a days. Though it’s pricier than what I usually spend on anything hair wise, I wouldn’t mind splurging on this brand to test it out and see if my kinks get a little healthier, and longer.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows how much of dweeb I turn into when I see any gems/crystals/quartz. I find the stones so incredibly rough and stunning. I’ve recently just received No.13 as a present in purple, and I love it! Maybe I should start collecting all the colors, plus No.5 looks so cute and refined!

When I bumped into these doorknobs, it gave me a flashback of an old apartment my mother had was about 4 years old. Of course they were in white, and H&M’s home decor section has that in clear as well, but there’s just something about green that made it look like nice jade.

Recently I’ve been trying to be more active in my lifestyle. And this neon medicine ball with a grip is something I’m just going to have to invest in. I already have a yoga mat, dumbells and stability ball being put into good use… this medicine needs to come home with me now!

I don’t know what it is about wine, but it loves me back so much. A friend, Julissa, recently introduced me to the wines from Trader Joe’s, and not only was it soooo good, it was extremely inexpensive. Just what I like to hear. The other day I took myself to Whole Foods instead if T Joe’s by mistake on the hunt… I was so upset that I walked into the wrong store, and since I was in such a rush and carrying such a huge bookbag, I decided to quit the quest and went home wine free. No worries, I got this… and I’m stacking up when I get there, because my home bar is looking a little lonely. Not that it has stopped me from drinking, the bottles just never make it home!

Which comes to No.4. That flask is absolutely everything! It’s not only cute, but clever too. What’s not to love, get in my purse now! And hey, it’ll come in handy when I have to diy on the go… damn, I sound like an alcoholic.

Oh, well!

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